That didn’t go to plan

That didn’t go to plan

Today’s exercise didn’t go quite as planned. This is the first time I couldn’t get up off the floor and overdid it trying. I finally realized I needed to stop for a little and try again so I decided to write my blog. I’m not really tired but I’m hot so a little cool down should help. My head wasn’t in my workout today. My dogs were super annoying. I had Zoey licking my face or any other exposed area of skin. Minx is scratching, jumping and even humping my arm as I’m trying to move. They were just extremely distracting the whole time. I guess I cut my leg in my attempts to get up and I had to throw a blanket over myself to keep Zoey away from licking the spot. I might have very limited sensations but my dog licking the same spot over and over and over is still irritating. I’d like to also add here that doing bridges is hard enough for me. I don’t need the added weight of Minx who seems to like to sit on me at the exact time I am attempting that exercise.

So now we are all chilling on the floor. Zoey sitting on me and Minx next to me.

My dogs certainly don’t believe in social distancing. I am getting my second Covid vaccination next week. My parents all had their second doses last week. They all had the Pfizer vaccination. Everyone has been mostly ok, except my mom. She has had severe chills, aches and was in bed for the better part of 2 days. She is better now but not great, Very tired. My dad has reported some minor aches and being tired but otherwise he and my stepdad and stepmom both seem ok. I just want to report what I know. My vaccine is the Moderna. I will get the second dose on February 18th.

I think I’m ready to try to stand again. I didn’t even finish my exercise program. You know I’m going to complete that. Plus my coffee is still in the refrigerator. It’s 10:16, I’m ready for caffeine. It’s already Wednesday, hard to believe. Happy hump day. By the way I got up easily.

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