Once again on the floor

Once again on the floor

Well unfortunately I had a tough morning. It seems my stomach is still having issues. I had to shower upon waking up this morning. I wish I knew what was causing all of this unsettling in my belly over the last few weeks. I’m scared to take anything because the fear of it binding and I experiencing the alternative is just as bad. However this leads me to make many trips necessary and unnecessary to the bathroom in fear of another “accident”. That happened this morning while I was almost done with my exercise program.

I need some time to recover after I exercise before I do other things. The bathroom trip proved no different. I was trying to pull my clothes back up but just didn’t have the energy. My legs buckled underneath me and I couldn’t pull myself up. Down I slid into the small box of my bathroom. Tile floors and very little room for maneuvering I knew this wasn’t going to go well. I tried to take off my socks and use my wheelchair to stand me up as I do when I workout on the floor but I just couldn’t get my leg to get a firm grip on the floor. I tried a few times. Actually I tried many times. I couldn’t get myself up. I was so frustrated and now I was exhausted. I was trying for a long time. My aide was already due to be at my house. I realized I attempted to get up for almost an hour. I thought I was getting so much better. I’ve been so proud of myself being able to get myself off the floor after exercise. I was slightly deflated when I was once again stuck on a floor.

I hate the helpless feeling. It wasn’t even that I was tired when I started. I just couldn’t get that stable footing I needed to stand back up. My aide just helped my foot stay in one spot and I immediately was able to stand up again. Although the spasms my body went into required me to stand there for a few minutes before I could move again. I spent an hour on the floor because o needed someone to hold my foot in position. Sounds so simple but nothing is with multiple sclerosis. Now I’ll spend the day with my dogs on my chair. I think I did enough as far as exercise goes.

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  1. You are remarkable, your fight and determination are to be admired, and you willingness to share your daily experiences living with your MS is beyond admirable. As you well know, we are going to have those days where our MS seems unforgiving. On such days we need to be kind and forgiving of ourselves. Take this time to relax and enjoy your fury little friends who love you unconditionally and could careless if your are in your chair, on the floor, or in bed. Bless you – Dix

    1. Thank you Dix. This was really nice and truthfully something we all need to hear from time to time. It’s been a rough day. I’m very tired but I’m grateful that I have had help with me and my fur balls.
      I needed this pep talk so thank you. ?

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