My comfy chair is fixed

My comfy chair is fixed

My week ended on a much brighter note that it began. My comfy chair, which has still been out of order, has now been fixed thanks to my amazing abilities and a $13 Amazon part. I’ve spent countless hours on the phone with Bob’s furniture realizing they had no idea what part I was actually talking about. I finally got so frustrated and got a supervisor who had a clue. The part that I was trying to get, that I thought would work, still wouldn’t of been the right part. I would’ve had to get an entire new mechanism for the chair which would’ve cost me over $250 when we purchased the chair for $500. They didn’t sell that one part that I need it by itself.

Thankfully I had a clue of what I needed. I had the same type of system on my Tempur-pedic adjustable bed. I went in search of my old remotes because they used to be a plug very similar to the one on my comfy chair. Now my bed is Bluetooth and wireless and I guess I got rid of the remotes. I wanted to test my theory that I could just plug anything into the motor area plug to replace the connection that Minx chewed through. I didn’t need some exact replica from this company of Bob’s. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the old bed remotes. I thought about trying the remote from the chair that I’m using in place of my comfy chair but this has a few more features so I didn’t think it would be compatible. I finally found a universal thing on Amazon for $13 and purchased it. I knew what was wrong l. I knew it was an a major mechanical breakdown and I really knew it should work. My mother was lost in the simplest of my explanations of how I even came to the conclusion that I needed this one part so I hope you can follow my story.

Yesterday my part arrived and I plugged it into the little spot in the motor. I press the down button and the feet went down. my chair is working again. I can’t wait to switch chairs back. I like this chair that I’m using but I miss my comfy chair. I’m sure my dogs do too. We don’t have as much room on the other chair. The only thing is I can’t use the chairs actual buttons to raise and lower the feet of the chair. Now I have a new mechanism to do this. My building maintenance guy might be able to splice the wire and make it work with the old wires already in the chair but I don’t personally care. I don’t mind using a remote next to the chair as opposed to on the chair to raise or lower the feet. That is far from any concern that I would have. I’m just so excited to have my chair back. Plus it only cost $13 well plus the wrong part that I ordered that cost me 31 prior from Bob’s furniture. That made for a very happy end to my week

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