Anxiety doesn’t sneak up on you, it pounces

Anxiety doesn’t sneak up on you, it pounces

Happy Wednesday. It was happy when I wrote those two words which were over an hour ago. My phone has been ringing since. Nothing bad but diverting my attention away from the blog. Then things happened at once. Minx was about to go with my aide to the vet and he got sick. He hasn’t had anything to eat since 6pm yesterday. Why would he be sick again? Zoey has been crying and howling at the door since his departure. Zoey is a quiet dog and only barks if she can’t get something or wants something. Hearing her howling is unnerving. The phone is still ringing and my texts are beeping from the long explanation of why my daughter called that I didn’t yet call back.

I’m breathing, deep in for four hold for four out for four. I got very anxious very quickly. Mostly because Minx got sick. First time since the incident on Friday. A horrible tail with a very happy ending It just scared me. I feel my heart still way to elevated and I’m trying to get myself under control. I knew the best thing for me was to write my blog. It is where I can get myself focused and regroup, while I’m breathing. The house is quiet now. Zoey stopped howling and is next to me staring at the door. The phone isn’t ringing because I talked to everyone. I asked my daughter to give me a few minutes before I called her back to help her with her issue.

I needed this break with my own thoughts and words. I was so sure Minx was ok after this horrible ordeal then he threw up and it just scared me. I called the vet office immediately to let them know. I’m waiting to hear from my vet. I’m still breathing in and out but my anxiety has only diminished somewhat. I’ll feel better when I know how my dog is. It is a two part blood test over 2 hours. I won’t have him home until this afternoon.

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