Skin infection, antibiotics and the one who couldn’t deal

Skin infection, antibiotics and the one who couldn’t deal

I was at my primary care physician yesterday because I have a cut on my shin that is infected. I had antibiotics in the house and I started to self medicate and it wasn’t really working so I got an appointment. She prescribed a stronger antibiotic and a cream but thankfully it wasn’t cellulitis or any further issue that needed more care. This was my fault. I knew it was infected for a while. My Zoey never left that spot alone. She was always trying to lick it even with a Band-Aid on it or my pant leg on it, she knew it was infected too. I just couldn’t deal. So I let it go and it got worse. Thankfully it didn’t get too bad.

My aid is really sweet. She is the one who first said somethings wrong but I brushed her off. I know she doesn’t say things because she sees how independent I am. I am independent and persistent and determined with anything relating to multiple sclerosis. Any other medical issues, not so much. My last aid knew me well and just made me show her any skin issues. She was always aware of how swollen or not my feet were because she paid attention when I didn’t. She took care of my fungus toenails. I had to explain to my aid the truth finally. I will always be on top of my MS stuff, but the rest of it overwhelms me and I just sometimes can’t deal. I think she was actually relieved. I think she’s sometimes wanted to intervene and didn’t know how. It was a good chat.

Speaking of being on top of my MS stuff, I need to start getting ready for my infusion that is should be around March 12th. Since those always go smoothly I can only imagine what will go wrong this time. I have a very busy few weeks coming up to be followed by the side effects of the Rituxan infusion. March is going to be a long month.

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