AM vs PM

AM vs PM

My phone rings at a little after 6am this morning. I pick it up thinking that it was possibly my contractor. It was my front gate. I had a delivery from Amazon. I set up a food delivery for today and took the only available window of time 5-7. I didn’t even realize that it was for the AM. Duh!!!!Now I had to get up to bring in the packages. Of course my puppies were up now too. I was able to get minx barricaded in the kitchen while I opened the door. I couldn’t deal with him taking his few laps running through the hallways of the condo. Zoey won’t go anywhere but she will chase after him. I didn’t order too much food so I was able to easily put it away by myself. However, it was 6:30 and going back to sleep wasn’t likely.

I didn’t even sleep well. I had bad dreams. I can’t remember the last time I had bad dreams. I had two. I just don’t remember the first one. I remember the second. I came home and the door was slightly opened. It wasn’t the fear of someone in the house that scared me. It was over my dogs getting out. In my dream I had many animals in the house but I was very concerned over two. Boomer and Minx. I saw Boomer lying on the couch and knew he was ok. It was Minx. Except Minx wasn’t my Minx, it was Zoey. In my dream she was named Minx. She wasn’t there. I remember searching and calling her name trying to find her. Then I woke up. Zoeys the one who really wouldn’t run and if she does comes right back. I was frantic in my dream looking for her.

I didn’t piece it together until right now. The irony that I barricaded Minx and had the door wide open with Zoey who went nowhere. My Zoey is very friendly but also a big chicken. When the contractor is here she runs over trying to jump into my lap because she’s scared of the noises they make. However, first she has to get greeted by them before she runs to mommy. It is part of her endearing personality that I love so much.

Meanwhile it’s not even 9am. I’ve already showered, exercised and written a blog. Both the pups are back to sleep on my lap. I guess I’ll go grab my coffee and enjoy the quiet morning. Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Imagine that, everything done by 9:00AM bad dreams and all, Seems like your weekend is off to a good start 🙂

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