Jumping from a plane

Jumping from a plane

Good morning. Another week starts again. It is grey looking outside. However the weekend was gorgeous. Open windows and fresh air, I love days like that. Having multiple sclerosis, I like when weather warms up but not when it gets hot. Unfortunately summer is right around the corner and that’s when the bad days will outnumber the good. I don’t have to explain this to anyone with MS, most people have this issue. That’s why I cherish those days with windows open and fresh air coming through.

I didn’t do much this weekend. I rested which is always needed. I was watching The Challenge, Double Agents on MTV. I love that show. My daughter actually got me into it a few years ago. It is a bunch of reality stars competing in these crazy crazy challenges. Yes there is always drama but it is the insane challenges these people do I find amazing. There are 34 seasons and I’ve seen at least 20 of them. The earliest seasons are hard to find. It started as a game between MTV’s Real World and Road Rules. Now they have many different people on this season included Lolo Jones the Olympian.

This season was the first time they ever had contested skydiving. Many shows I watch have people do this like the Amazing Race. Every time I see this it’s the one thing I wish I could have done before I became disabled. I’m always watching how they land to see how their legs are positioned. I’m always analyzing if there is anyway my legs could somehow not break when I hit the ground. The parachute instructors always say pull legs up, the one thing I can’t do. Man, I would love to do that though. I’d be deathly afraid but I would definitely jump. My 50th birthday is this November, if there is anyway a disabled MS patient can accomplish this, I’d really love to know.

I hope that everyone had a lovely and relaxing weekend. Let’s welcome this week and another mew month with thankfulness and grace.

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  1. If there is a Will then there is a Way, Your 50th Birthday is the perfect milestone for your first tandem jump 🙂

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