Black Friday….no deal

Black Friday….no deal

What a week. I am stuffed. I can do naked and afraid for the full 21 days and not have to worry about food. I feel like I just ate for a week straight. My birthday Monday,, our celebration bday dinner Wednesday and Thanksgiving Thursday. So much food. I should never complain. I wish everyone could go to sleep with a full stomach. I am so thankful for my overstuffed belly and for the family that surrounded the tables.

Today is Black Friday, shopping day. I have never taken part in this day except once. My ex husband and I went to Walmart. We went at a time we thought was still early. This was before the time when stores opened at 12AM. I think we got there at 7, they opened at 5 or 6. Every single solitary thing that was part of black Friday deals was gone. The store was stripped clean, unless you wanted one of the bigger electronica items. This was before cell phones and before Amazon. At 7 o’clock in the morning, the store was still packed. The main thing I wanted that day was a bridge table and four chairs that was on sale for $25. I didn’t get it. It wasn’t even for a gift, t was for me. I always think of that especially yesterday when my mom had to carry over her table and two chairs so we could seat everybody at dinner. Never again did I get myself involved in a Black Friday shopping day. Thank God for Amazon, now I would never do anything but that. I can get a deal and have it delivered. Much easier way to shop.

I know if I went out today, though, lines at registers would be insane. . Big difference from last year with Covid. I know the exit to get off at the mall would be backed up almost to the exit before. I don’t know how you could shop like that. I couldn’t shop like that before my MS was bad I hate crowds. I don’t think there’s a deal out there that could ever make me want to do that again. You can be giving stuff away for free and I would still say it’s not worth it. For anybody who is shopping right now, I really hope you do get those great deals because I give you a lot of credit. I could never do it sick, disabled, or not.

Once again we’re here on Friday,. Another happy weekend. My daughter is still here. I get her until Sunday. Today is still mahjong and I’m praying that I can make it through. I have to admit I’m exhausted. As lovely as this week was, it was a tough week for me. I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.remember all the things were thankful for. Have a lovely weekend

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