Poor Zoey

Poor Zoey

My sweet Zoey sprained her back somehow.

Imagine seeing this cute face in pain. You don’t even know what is going on. She started having these periods where she’d be shaking. I knew something was off but I couldn’t tell what it was. She was eating and drinking l. She was just off. Then she wouldn’t eat. I immediately made a vet appointment. I am so thankful for the help of my adopted family. (The best thing that came out of my toxic long term relationship.) They took Zoey to the vet for me. I can’t drive anymore, not all my aides drive. If they weren’t so willingly available, not sure what I would have done. I have such wonderful people around me. I can’t be anything but grateful.

My vet is really wonderful too. The whole office really are just wonderful people. I’ve been taking my dogs there since Boomer was one year old. That was right about the time they opened. I’ve definitely known them a long time. They also have seen my disability progress. They also knew I was a single mom, including my vet. I remember Boomer lose his hair along his sides. It would grow back and it never bothered him. It was some kind of seasonal allergy. My vet said we can run all the tests to find out why, but that would just be so costly. It doesn’t bother Boomer and the hair grows back. Many vets would have done all the tests. It was always like this with all my dogs. If the vet said we needed the test, I did the test. When she saw Zoey the other day, it was no different. She knew that it was Zoey’s back. She wanted to give her a cold laser therapy and see how she feels. She didn’t want to do the X-rays because she felt it was unnecessary at this point. She was sure it was a sprain and once again she didn’t need to increase the bill to increase the bill. Zoey was going to be on gabapentin, a drug any MSer knows well. I have plenty on hand so it turns out Zoey will take the same prescription dose.

The next day after a follow up on how Zoey is doing, vet decides to add a pain medication. I was unsure how to pick up the prescription for her. I really didn’t want to bother my adopted family again. My other family members aren’t that close to run down to Freeport. The next thing I know the vet office calls and they were going to bring me the prescription. I’m not that close to the office anymore. They are located a town over. I live at the end of a very long street. I am not incredibly far but it is still 15 minutes away. The office staff told me never worry, they’d always help me out anyway they could. They know my situation. How amazing is that? I always say people that love animals have the most caring heart.

Zoey is doing better but I’m trying to limit her jumping off the bed or couch. The gabapentin makes her tired. She is eating well again. She is still slow moving but the pain seems to be less. Love my girl. It’s like my child being sick, breaks your heart.

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  1. Oh no!!! Poor sweet baby! Im a fur mama too and I know our fur babies become like our children!!! Im praying for Zoey and for you!!! Sweet Zoey will be fine!

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