Hives Everywhere and No Bees

Hives Everywhere and No Bees

Have I discussed my hives with you yet. OMG, thank you multiple sclerosis for not allowing my skin to feel itching like normal people.

I’ve had them for months. The spots come and go all over my arms. They seem to prefer the right arm more than the left. They weren’t this bad until recently. I’ve called my new doctor quite a few times. A doctor I was very excited to get. She finally called me back and was going to prescribe prednisone. Certainly not a favorite of mine. However, the dosage given compared to dosages I’ve received via IV is laughable. Anyway, it wasn’t called in to my pharmacy.

It took me a few weeks to get in touch with the doctor. This was partially my own fault because my initial phone call I got a machine. I left a message but never followed up. I called the office again, finally, and spoke with the receptionist. I was told i had an appointment on June 15. Good to know!!! She was going to message my doctor. They are on the road, not in a office, you have to be understanding to that. Yet, still no call. By now the hives are all over my arms for a few weeks which is what pushed me to call again. I was using an old prescription medication that I had from when I had skin issues with Rituxan It was helping when the hives did actually itch, which always seemed to be at night. Unfortunately, i was running out and the over the counter stuff wasn’t working. They crazy thing is a bad as they look, it really only bothered me at various evening times. However, once they bothered me, they really bothered me until I got some medication on them. I needed medication.

I called the doctor office again. I finally heard from her that evening. She explained she was at her daughter’s award ceremony and didn’t have the work computer. She would take care of a prescription as soon as she was done. She didn’t. I called the office the next day. A text was supposed to be sent reminding her about the prescription and still nothing. I purchased some extra strength cortisone cream today. The Benadryl anti-itch cream sucked.

I thought maybe the probiotic, acidophilus, might be causing the hives. Years ago I was told by someone that people with MS shouldn’t take that. It was the only new medication I started taking. I stopped but the hives didn’t. Then I realize that I had the hives back when I took my Rituxan infusion. I wonder if the Rituxan just amplified an issue. After all, I’ve had skin issues with past infusions. Prednisone is probably the right medication as opposed to something that just stops the itch. I just hope I could get something called to my pharmacy. I really like this doctor, I’d be unhappy having to switch again. I hope this was just a hiccup.

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