The day I found out I had multiple sclerosis

The day I found out I had multiple sclerosis

multiple sclerosis
I don’t tell this story often but in light of what is happening in the world I thought I’d share. The day the diagnosis was made I had Multiple sclerosis , my now ex-husband picked me up at my parents house. We drove up Wilson Road and right to the left of us was an accident on Merrick Avenue. One car was pretty banged up but the second car looked like it was crushed like an old can of soda. You just knew whoever was in that car didn’t survive. I knew in my head at that moment that whatever happened with this disease with the progression and challenges, I was alive and it wasn’t going to kill me. In my own way I felt that the person who lost their life in that accident gave me mine.
Somewhere along the way I forgot the lesson but thankfully I’ve found it again over the last six months. I told this story today in light of what happened in Nice, France and Orlando and movie theaters and marathons, this world is becoming so scary and so unpredictable. I woke up today and I said THANK YOU. Thank you for giving me another day, thank you for allowing me to wake up and exercise, thank you for allowing me to write this blog, thank you for my friends and family. I started my day with gratitude. I prayed for all of my friends and family for people I don’t know to find peace and their own happiness in the world. I prayed for those who have died to early or lived their life that their soul has found true peace. I finally prayed to go about my day in gratitude thankful I have this day and all that comes with it.
Yes this was one of my preacher blogs but I truly feel this especially today. So maybe when you are about to get upset over something little today like the towel left on the bathroom floor you can smile instead because you and they were around to leave it there. Have a wonderful day. Xoxo

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