Synchronicity with the universe, Law of Attraction

Synchronicity with the universe, Law of Attraction

Now you might be thinking what is she talking about today? This has happened to everyone but you may call it something else. Have you ever been thinking of someone and the phone rings and it’s them? Maybe you kept seeing the same number pop up all day. Perhaps you were sleeping and had a dream about something to find out the next day it was true? These are instances of synchronicity with the universe. Random things maybe coincidence but happen nonetheless. Imagine if things like this happen ALL THE TIME? Kind of like if you think it they will come field of dreams stuff? That is what so many spiritual enthusiasts and authors think and believe. It’s what the book the Secret is about. So do you believe it? Wayne Dwyer said “I’ll see it when I believe it”.

A little while ago I had a dream about my old boss from an old job. However when I woke up what I thought about was my friends from that job. One moved to South Carolina the others are still at the job. Even after the dream I would mean to but forget to call. Day after I started my blog I got a response from the one in South Carolina probably first time I’ve heard from her since her birthday in November and it was also her first response probably ever to any of my posts on Facebook. I still being an idiot didn’t call her or the ones in New York. Week later she called me was coming to New York. Last night I saw everyone I was thinking about after that dream. Between the date of the dream and our get together 3 weeks. Coincidence? Maybe.

Day I started my blog I was lost, just confused trying to figure out how it works. Very frustrated. I have a step brother who is great with computer stuff and I wanted to text him but felt stupid. We don’t text, email or call each other it’s very rare and I felt that it wasn’t right to ask him for help out of the blue like that. Same afternoon I received a text from him on a completely different topic. Coincidence?

I can go on with countless tales of this stuff even giving examples of other people’s synchronicity with the universe. For now I’m hoping you pay attention to them. They happen all the time some are the big ones you go holy sugar pops too but many many many are the subtle ones and those are the ones we tend to miss. The universe has your back. It’s behind you to give you the best version of your thinking. Thinking positive causes positive things to manifest. Your thoughts create your world. Open your eyes it’s all there for you. You just have to believe it to see it.

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