My dad has been doing meditations since I was a young child. I wonder how he started doing them, I’ve never asked him. I’m going to next time we talk. Anyway the first meditation I did with him that I can remember I couldn’t have been more than 10.  I remember feeling like I was floating outside my body. Since I was so young this obviously scared the daylights out of me which snapped me right back to reality from where ever I was but I never forgot the feeling. I also never forgot the meditation. When I’d wake up through the years with thoughts racing through my head or I just couldn’t sleep that was always the meditation I’d do.  However I wasn’t a faithful meditator for my first 43+ years of life. It is something I’ve more recently added into my morning routine. For me I do it to ground me for my day ahead.  To align me with my inner guide. So I can focus on what I am personally trying to achieve myself, inner peace and love.  Meditation has so many benefits and below will be an article on those many benefits. I’ve also included above a link on a mini meditation for those who really don’t have much time that you can see it doesn’t have to take much time to do a quick meditation.  What’s even nicer is it cost nothing just you and quiet. It is so simple. Just breathe.

Scientific Benefits of Meditation – 76 things you might be missing out on

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  1. Nice post! I read another benefit of meditation today- it can actually boost your Metabolism And help you loose weight! The philosophy is that stress actually lowers your metabolism and increases your insulin (and your appetite) while meditation reduces stress abs therefore has the added benefit of more potential weight loss. That is because meditation is the gift that keeps on giving!!

  2. There is a great book by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan called Jewish Meditation. Recommend it highly.

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