Did we met because of fate or was it free will?

Did we met because of fate or was it free will?


Do you believe people come into your life haphazardly or that there is an actual reason? Do you believe in fate or destiny? Do you think life has a purpose some higher meaning or that things are just random occurrences? Do you believe the universe has a master plan? I’ve been a believer in fate my whole life. I’ve had to many meetings  in my life where the time and place I met someone so many random things happened got the two of us to be there at that time, th, at place, that moment to met that I could never not believe.  I have a strong faith in the idea of destiny and fate. I like knowing people come into my life for a reason. That I developed relationships and let go of relationships for a reason. I feel safe on the knowledge that the universe will bring back anyone I’ve lost or let go if they are supposed to be in my life. To me there is a soothing thought knowing the universe has my back.  Helping me correct errors I’ve made.

The universe has brought so many wonderful people my way in these recent months. People I’ve met through these blogs. People I’ve met on dates. People I’ve dated who have been so good to me, treated me better then I’ve been treated by a man in years. New friends I met in similar circumstances who have the empathy and understanding of the life and dealings of multiple sclerosis. I believe each person have come for a reason. To teach me something, to make me aware of something or to make me understand something. Each encounter has a purpose a lesson no matter how long or brief the person is there.  The change in my life had been the catalyst that brought all of these new people to me. The universe brought them to me. Each person for however long they are here to learn what it is I’m supposed to learn. I feel comfort knowing that life has a plan and there are reasons for things. It helps me understand the reason that there is heartache takes some of the pain of it away.  It helps me understand that I have MS for a reason. I may not have the reason yet and I’m not searching for it but it helps me not be angry at having it. There is a purpose for me having this disease even for me starting this blog. It was my destiny to do.

i know theses are some crazy thoughts and many people don’t believe in things like fate and destiny. I know that many people feel this takes away their own free will but think about it, does it really? I still make the decision to write everyday no one is picking up my computer. I still make friends and keep connections with people or for that matter decide to let people go. I still am the one who decides where to go, what to do, what to say and to whom. The difference is I believe something else helps guide me subconsciously to these places, people and events so that my fate and destiny is played out.  Just my opinions

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