I have issues

I have issues

My daughter stepped on the scale and was 5-6 pounds lighter. My daughter, who is normal and not obsessed with the scale as her mom, doesn’t weigh herself often. She has no reason to, she’s very thin, looks wonderful in everything, she’s 17. Her mother, on the other hand, has finally learned to limit herself to once a week. However when her daughter weight was so low, I needed to check the scale myself. It was the same as four days prior 148.4. Sounds great but I knew what I ate, very carb heavy, not much veggies, high sugar and this was the evening when I weigh in mornings.


I’m fatter then what the scales been saying!!! This is exactly what went through my head because I HAVE ISSUES. I do have to admit, I dropped the scale a week ago.  Now I’m convinced that I truly broke the scale. Since my mental issues have me obsessed with a number, I went on Amazon and bought a new scale. This one says not only gives weight and body fat percentage but gives water and bone density and hydration or something, very fancy. Anyway, I couldn’t wait for the new scale so I got out the pair of jeans that sits in my closet that I can NEVER wear. They are my tight jeans. I can get them on but they are tight and uncomfortable, I’d never wear them. They are a true gap size 29. A non boyfriend style regular pant no bells or whistles. If they fit my weight is normal and I’m crazy. So I put them on. Got them up laid down on my bed pulling and tugging. Had issues buttoning them not because I couldn’t fit into them but because my hands and my multiple sclerosis issues. Once buttoned I decided the ultimate test could I sit, bend, and breathe. Wore then for two hours while I watched tv, all was fine. My scale was probably fine. My daughter probably lost 5-6 pounds. Me, I’m MENTAL.


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