Happy Declutter Day

Happy Declutter Day

This is my version of spring cleaning. Today I change my closet from winter back to summer. I say goodbye to my favorite over sized sweatshirts until next year.  I clean the clothes out that I know I’m never going to wear. I keep the clothes that I haven’t worn in probably three years, but still decide I can’t part with. It’s the same pattern year in and year out.  This year I’m getting help from my cousin. My beautiful cousin is coming and offered to help me declutter. I’m hoping after my closet, we can see you declutter other places.

I don’t know what it is, I’ve become almost nervous when things get messy. Maybe it’s because I don’t have enough of the stamina anymore to clean it, or maybe it’s just I hate the way it looks.  It’s probably both.   I could definitely tell you that since my MS makes it harder for me to get around, things being out of place, definitely frustrates me.

I get sentimental on objects.  One of my engagement present was a pot, given to me by my aunt, that was my grandmas.  I’m pretty sure I use this pot maybe once. However, I will NEVER throw the pot out because it was my grandmothers.  I have trinkets all over the house with that kind of similar sentiment. Maybe not quite as deep, as they weren’t my grandmothers, but they have a meaning somewhere from something. Therefore I have too much shit in too small of a space. It’s time for lots of garbage bags, and maybe even lots of posting on eBay.  They say then you declutter, you feel lighter. When you let things go, you are released as well. And I think that’s what today will be all about.

A big thanks to my beautiful cousin who offered herself to helping me today. A side note thanks to my awesome aunt who went out and brought me pretzels yesterday when I couldn’t get out of the house. Xoxo. I’ll take and add pictures as I go for tomorrow’s posting.

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