The miracle of my puppy Zoey

The miracle of my puppy Zoey

I’m 15 workbook lessons from the end of my year doing A Course in Miracles. Not that it means anything really because on day 366, I’m just going to start again. Why? Because now my mind is trained differently and I’ll understand the lessons differently. I’ve learned some amazing things over the year, about myself, miracles, my relationship with God and forgiveness.

I felt like telling the story of my most amazing miracle this year, which was my puppy Zoey. This is a classic example of why you have to get out of the way for miracle. Sometimes, the universe (God, the higher powers, whatever you believe in) knows what you need better than you do.  Zoey came to us a week before my Boomer passed away. She was four months old and Boomer was just about to turn 11. Understand my Boomer was my first dog.   I was separating from my husband as Boomer was just starting to come out of his crate and sleep through the night. Every night he was on the bed next to me helping me feel safe as my world was turned upside down. Boomer was my boy, my rock and even though I had another dog, Boomer was the favorite. He was with me through very difficult times in my life and my sickness. Two weeks before Boomer passed away he was at the vet for an ear infection. Other than that, boomer was fine.

When Boomer passed it was very unexpected. He wouldn’t really eat on a Saturday and died Christmas Day which was Sunday. Now in my grief, I had to deal with this puppy. Anyone who is a dog lover knows puppies are very time consuming and need a lot of patience and training. This puppy was in my home at week when my beloved dog died, she wasn’t housebroken yet, chewed on everything, was sick and needed constant monitoring.

I’m thinking maybe you can see why she was given to me when she was….to help get over the loss of Boomer. What were the chances that this puppy would be given to us 1 week before his death. Trust me, at the time, I DID NOT see her as a miracle. I think in many ways I resented her and blamed her for his death. A very unrealistic feeling towards a puppy but I was heartbroken. However, I had to care for her and she loved me for it, as most puppies will unconditionally do.  Without even realizing it, by taking care of her, I was less inside my thoughts and tears.

I’m also convinced, that the universe knew my daughter is going to be away at college. The French bulldog was my daughter insistence that I look at for foster and adoptions. It started as a foster, it ended up being a puppy and she ended up being the most affectionate thing.  For me I would’ve looked to get another English. A dog that I could neither walk nor exercise. A dog breed I love but is large and harder to mange with multiple sclerosis. Instead the universe gave me another Frenchie that is the sweetest dog less than 20lbs and just a little angel.

The universe knew better. Sometimes when you aren’t standing in the way of your miracles they come to you, giving you what you need, not necessarily what you want. I’ve noticed time and time again that my miracles appear this way. Now I’ve learned to ask for the best outcome in a situation. I’ve learned to trust the universe knows what I need better than I do. I wouldn’t have picked Zoey but now I can’t imagine not having this sweet girl in my life. Thank you universe for this amazing miracle.

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