Negativity and the ego

Negativity and the ego

I worked really hard to put up my long-term Medicaid page and I promoted it on Facebook.’ve gotten a lot of negativity from people and it got very hard to remember why I did it. I didn’t do this to make a quick buck. When I used to consult for Medicaid, I used to get $200 for the consultation that was before I even touch the application. I set this up for the people that don’t understand Medicaid and they don’t understand how it works. People that really could be on Medicaid and don’t know where to begin. The negativity has been that the applications are free from social services or that you shouldn’t have to pay for it etc. etc. I know the applications are for free, they are. However most people don’t know there are two parts to the application and you have two parts to a disability questionnaire. What I did is put it all together, I even included the trust that most people need being over at the Medicaid allowance. Social services isn’t giving you the trust. They might tell you where you can get the trust but you have to do all that legwork.

I’m doing exactly what I never wanted to do, I’m explaining why I put a purchase price on that page. I’m justifying my work. I’m feeding into the negativity of the people that I’m reaching on Facebook which probably aren’t the people I was aiming for to begin with. Negativity could do that to you. It brings out the ego and it brings out the doubt. My ego is now sitting here saying “I told you so. You weren’t going to make one sale because you asked too high a price and nobody was is going to pay.” I know what I put up there and it’s my turn to believe in what I did. I may never make a sale but I have to believe and stand by that page. I put something together thinking about all those applications and all those people that have called me asking questions and asking for help. I still get phone calls to this day and it’s for all those people I created this package. Don’t let that negativity get in the way of something you believe in. Don’t let your ego start giving you doubts of what you create. The ego would love to prove you wrong. I know what I created is a good package and will help people. So I stand by my price and page and what I need is probably a different advertising point.

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  1. You just believe in what you did and ignore negative comments. You are an amazing person and what you did was to help others. If anyone does’t realize that then ignore them!

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