Ocrevus infusion one week away

Ocrevus infusion one week away

Let’s see if I can have one of my infusion without any issues. I’ve already received the call to verify my new insurance information and have heard nothing since. Last time was the mistake where they once again order the split in the medicine and I did 300mg two weeks apart when I was supposed to take the full dosage of 600mg one time. So even though I’ve been on Ocrevus now for over a year, I still have yet to take the infusion in the full dose form.

It was the first thing I brought up when the called me to go over my insurance information was to please get the dosage correct so I don’t have to come in twice. I was told that they won’t be repeating that mistake, there is a red flag regarding it. My guess is they had to eat the cost of the second infusion because of their error. I saw a denial from my insurance back then for a repeat infusion and never saw a second payment. It was completely their fault because they didn’t accurately read my doctors orders. It sucked having to sit through a 5-6 hour infusion twice. I say 5-6 because it depends how long until we get started.

So as of now there are no problems but it’s still early. Last time the issues were literally the day before and the day of. Please can I just have a smooth infusion.

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