My inherited family’s bbq

My inherited family’s bbq

I was invited to a bbq today that I actually declined. I declined because of the elevator issue in my building and also because the bathroom is up an entire flight of steps. The reply to that was “we aren’t taking no for an answer. We will help you up the steps and into the building, whatever we have to do.” Who are these people?

Well these are my ex-boyfriends family. I’ve developed a relationship with them that stretch far beyond my relationship with that ex. To this day the sister is my dog sitter when I go away. The mom and I talk on every holiday, birthday and if anything is going on in the family or to check in. The uncle, who was always one of my favorites, he’s the one who is having the bbq and insisted I be there. I’m friendly with the brother and his daughter, whom I’ve known since she was born. She loves my dogs and likes to sleepover when they dog sit. They are my inherited family.

They say people come into your life for a reason. I’ve written enough blogs about my ex to say what I learned, go look them up if you want to, but what I gained from him was also a whole family of wonderful people. I know I can call them in a time of need and they’d be there. I’d be there for them. They are good people and I’ve always have had love for all of them. So I’m off to a bbq. I hope everyone has a very lovely day.

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