A quiet Saturday

A quiet Saturday

It’s just me today. Well me Zoey and Marshmallow.

The elevator in my building won’t be fixed until sometime next week so I’m a little stuck. I can’t put my scooter together or take it apart by myself. Kind of leaves me with no options for getting downstairs or back upstairs while I’m alone. You know what, I really don’t mind. I’m exhausted. I think I’ve been exhausted for the past two months. I have no complaints being home by myself on a Saturday.

My aid always makes sure I have plenty of food easily ready to heat up for the weekend. I always have tons of TV or movies I could watch. I really should pick up a book but I know I’m not going to. I have my fur babies nestled next to me. I love to watch the boats go by. It’s all good.

I hope everyone has a peaceful Saturday.

5 thoughts on “A quiet Saturday

  1. wow jamie. That is a little intense re: the elevator but it is true. thankfully you have company, good food and those beautiful boats to keep you company. Hopefully it gets fixed very soon. thinking about you. sending lots of love. Bee seems very happy at school. Feels good. love you!!

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