I’m stuck

I’m stuck

Elevator is still not working. A special part had to be ordered or something. I am stuck in my condo on the fourth floor. I’d be able to get downstairs with my aid. I do better going down. Of course then once I came home I’d be in trouble. If my aid was with me I could use my scooter and go to the first building. No big deal but tonight is my hair night. Meaning I get my hair dyed tonight. I’m grey I have to do my hair. I do this tonight with my mom, we make it weeks in advance, we don’t miss this night. This is a very important night. My aid won’t be with me at 8-9 o’clock. This is terrible. ????. It was supposed to be fixed yesterday, that didn’t happen.

I could attempt to put the scooter together alone. I’m not really sure how that would go. I might severely scratch my car or completely hurt myself or fall or possibly all three. This is just so annoying. I hope this isn’t an occurrence that happens often in this building. It’s one thing if I had to go to the second building. It wouldn’t be easy but for one time, I might make it. It’s another to go to the very first one, that’s not happening.

So I’m signing off bummed and stuck on the 4th floor.

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