The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan

I’m happy to say they still exist. There is a lovely woman who lives on the first floor of my condo. Her unit faces right where I park my car. She has come out on numerous occasions to help me out of my car if I’m alone or to open the door for me. She’s just lovely but yesterday she did the most gracious thing.

At 6:30 my doorbell rang. She came up to tell me that my elevator and the elevator in building 2 was out. Since I can’t do steps this obviously creates a major problem for me. She wanted to give me her cell phone in case I needed anything or if I had an emergency. She said the elevators are supposed to be fix today. No one else told me, no one from the managing board or maintenance. Luckily I wasn’t going out otherwise I could have had a serious issue.

She didn’t even just come to my door, she went to everyone she knew lived alone and was handicapped. When I said my thousands of thank yous she said she was once an alcoholic and this is how she makes amends. I know plenty of alcoholics that don’t make amends like that. I think she just has a good heart.

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