Another nursing assessment today

Another nursing assessment today

The assessment today though is important because it’s with my actual insurance company. I already spoke to my case manager who is so awesome and called me back on her private line. She explained to me if they try to give me less hours not to sign anything. This way the case goes into review and more than just this one nurse assessment has a say in my hours allocated.

I’m not nervous because it is what it’s going to be. I can’t worry about anymore. I definitely need help but I know the criteria that they are looking for. It isn’t that I don’t meet the criteria it’s the level of my need. I need assistance with almost everything not total care. That is just not a high ranking level. I understand it but unfortunately I still need that assistance. If I loose it, it’s going to be very difficult for me. I won’t loose it completely. Assistance receives lower hours than total care, pretty straight forward. However, I can’t do a lot of things without that assistance and that’s the difference for me. Some days are better than others but most days I’m dependent on the help.

I’ve lost enough sleep over this assessment and it is almost out of my control. The only thing I can do is disagree and hope for the best. It’s just another thing I may have to fight for. I’m just glad the day is finally here so I get my answer…will they lower my aid hours?

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