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I realized something being away, my home is definitely the easiest place for me. I love my sisters house it is absolutely beautiful. It’s very easy for me to get around on the first floor. However, there is no bathroom with a shower. They made a shower outside which is really cool but it’s a little more difficult for me to get to. It’s difficult for me to navigate her outside property. The outside property is so amazing but getting to her pool was such an ordeal. My sister and her husband bent over backwards to make things easy for me, I couldn’t ask for more, I felt terrible, but it’s just difficult for me. I had a great time but I was happy to come home.

My condo is much smaller. Smaller means less steps. Even just to get to the bathroom in my sisters house is a hike from where I sleep. I realize that at 4:30 when I went to my own bathroom. I was like I’m here already? Don’t get me wrong I love being at my sisters house, I love being with my family. I love being at my mother and stepfather’s house or at my dads house in Florida, I just love being home the most. It’s just the environment that set up the way I need it to be.

Each year, each visit, seems to get a little more difficult for me to navigate. I think sometimes we need to come up with the alternative plans and equipment to accommodate me. Truthfully I sometimes wonder if life would be easier for me if I went into the wheelchair or the electric wheelchair more often than the walker. However neither my mother or sisters house is set up for that. I don’t know. I think the real truth and bottom line is walking is getting more and more difficult. That really has nothing to do with anyone’s house. ☹️

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