Marshy’s joy run

Marshy’s joy run

My sweet, smart, sneaky boy got out the other day when I was leaving for therapy.

Man he is fast. If I’m in the house, sitting in my chair, you can open the door up wide, he would never leave. Once he knows I’m going out, it’s a mad dash to get out before him. I am either in a scooter or using my walker there is no such thing as a mad dash for me.

I purchased a gate, as seen on Facebook, that was useless. It was flimsy and my dogs just ran right under it. I just bought another gate on Amazon. I needed one that I could take down easily and didn’t have a step through gate, hello MS walker scooter mad dash. I’m waiting for it to come and hoping it works better.

My Marshy takes off down the condo halls at top speed. Stopping only briefly at other doors where he smells a dog. I’m sure you can imagine I don’t have a top speed. I don’t have a speed. If I’m in my walker I’m screwed until he runs back down my own corridor. If I’m in my scooter I have a better chance of catching him. It takes about 5 minutes or more into his run until we can tempt him again with a cookie and get him back into the condo.

Since I lived here this joy run has happened 2 times when I was alone, 2 times because my aid wasn’t quick enough getting out behind me, 1 time when my aids son let them out and 1 time when my aid didn’t shut the door properly and they got out without us even knowing. I’m lucky I haven’t been fined. I’m also lucky that only 1 time have we run into other tenants. ???. So we are trying gate number 2 for everyone’s safety. My poor Marshmallow, he really only runs out because I’m leaving otherwise, he’d never go. He really is my Marshy mush.

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