High dose biotin can throw off thyroid function tests

High dose biotin can throw off thyroid function tests

I received a call of alarm from my primary physician on Saturday night at 9pm that my thyroid number was extremely high. Showing evidence of hyperthyroidism yet none of my other tests or symptoms showed any evidence of this. Since I was due to take my Ocrevus infusion the next day, he felt I should possibly put it off. He wanted me to repeat the blood test first thing Monday morning and they were going to get me an appointment with an endocrinologist as soon as possible.

I spoke to both my neurologist primarily about the Ocrevus infusion and my first doctor said yes take the infusion. My second doctor said take the infusion and are you still taking biotin? I forgot biotin can affect the thyroid blood test. https://endocrinenews.endocrine.org/january-2016-thyroid-month-beware-of-biotin/. It certainly put my mind at ease. I need a week of not taking biotin and then I will repeat the blood work. I’m expecting it will all be fine.

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