I choose the light

I choose the light

I haven’t talked about my spiritual journey that much in my blog. It’s something that’s very important to me because it really changed my life. Every day before I do anything else I read my lesson in   A Course in Miracles.                                                 

This book sets my whole day. It’s sets my thoughts, patterns, my purpose as I begin my day. It took me a while to get to this point. It Is a journey that never ends.

It started when I heard Gabby Bernstein speak and was instantly drawn in.  I needed a change. I needed something positive in my life. I needed to love myself. She was younger, hipper and just damn cool. Yet she spoke of everything I wanted for my life. I started reading everything from her. My first book was add more ing to your life.

Even the cover was hip, right? It was really her book May Cause Miracles that opened me up. It was a 40 day guide to follow for                                      

changes in perception. A Course in Miracles is a 365 day guide.

At my retreat this week one of the things that was taught by Gabby was how to teach others on her book May Cause Miracles. I never thought of teaching anything spiritual but in truth it intrigued me. The book was a radical shift in my own life why wouldn’t I want to do that for others, right? In all honesty it’s been almost 2 years since I read it may cause miraclesand did the work in the book so I’d  have to complete the 40 days again. I’m going to start today. Day 1. Today I choose the light!

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