Anxiety and Multiple Sclerosis

Anxiety and Multiple Sclerosis

I am happy to be home. I slept a lot over the weekend. I was so tired, still am. This morning will be my first day back in the pool. I was happy to be back. Was able to do my 25 laps. I like routine and I’ve noticed that I get anxiety when I’m out of routine. I get major anxiety packing to go away which completely affects all my MS symptoms. Every time I go away somewhere, no matter where it is, the anxiety of it plays havoc on my MS. I don’t know why because I’m always happy to go on vacation except I miss my dogs. I think I just noticed it and put two and two together with the episode that happened this last time before this vacation. Truth is I was ready to really just go into a scooter at that moment but I’m not there completely yet. I’m still okay with the walker in small distances and prefer to be on my feet. I was just in an anxiety attack. Who knew?

MS can cause significant anxiety, distress anger, and frustration from the moment of its very first symptoms. … In fact, anxiety is at least as common in MS as depression. Loss of functions and altered life circumstances caused by the disease can be significant causes of anxiety and distress.

My anxiety appears in every one of my everyday symptoms. Making it 100x worse than a normal day. I should know this stuff. I know anxiety and depression signs but I didn’t see it. I know I need to be much more aware now. I need to not pack the day before as I always do and always have. I need to take my time to be more organized and to slow it down. I always have packing lists so that will continue. I also need to ask for help. Hopefully next time I could alleviate some of the anxiety. I for now am back into my normal routine which is much more comfortable. I won’t be on vacation again until January. I will put my own tips into use then.

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  1. I use packing cubes now, they hold your clothes nicely, easy to unpack. I pack all tops in one, pants in another, panties in a small one, bras in another small one. This is for a long cruise of 12-13 days

  2. Hi Jaimie, thank you for sharing. We understand the struggle of having to deal with an autoimmune disease and recognize your strength. If you would like to learn more about autoimmune diseases and ways to improve your health through functional medicine (such as food therapy and movement therapy) check out our blog.

    We recently posted a Food Spotlight – best and worst foods for Multiple Sclerosis ( We have lots of resources that you may be interested in ? #spooniestrong

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