Permanent handicap spot

Permanent handicap spot

I had a condo board meeting yesterday. I love where I live but the condo needs a lot of work. I know they are looking for solutions from the homeowners of how to get that work done. I think that they should combine our assessment loans take out additional funds and just do what needs to get done and stop piecing together each project. However, technically I’m a renter. My mom and step dad pay the maintenance fees so I certainly don’t have a say. They also have to get a majority decision from 152 units. These meetings are long and I find the home owners are angry. Yet only about 10% show up to the meetings and these are the people that want the work done. It isn’t enough for the majority.

It was at the very beginning of the meeting that my, and a few others, handicap spot was brought up. It was a single sentence, that he met with a lawyer and people from the Americans with Disability Act, ADA, and he doesn’t have an answer yet. I waited to the end of a very hot and long meeting to address the issue further. He didn’t want to announce anything to the room but a wheelchair and oxygen disability will be keeping their spot. Since I am in a wheelchair often around the condo, I’m considered wheelchair. My spot is secure and safe as per the ADA. That was a big thing. I was completely relieved. Next car is the handicap van and the spot will be changed but it will still be reserved. I’m so grateful.

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