The day after

The day after

Too much food. Too much pie. A whole bunch of smiles. I would never complain it was worth every calorie consumed. I had a really great birthday and felt love from my family all over and from Facebook friends and fundraiser supporters. My beautiful daughter spent the entire day with me and after the food fest we watched A Star is Born on my Firestick program my friend set up for me. I get so much with the Firestick. Thank you Firestick man. I can hook anyone up if interested. I liked the movie but it was slow at times.

Anyway now I’m on the couch, slightly bloated, dreading the fact I have to go to occupational therapy very soon. I got my dogs on my lap

I am officially 47 now and have another 364 days until my birthday. I’m closer to the door of 50. Wow!!! Time flies even though it seems to go slow sometimes. I am a lot happier than I was at 45 and I am so thankful for the changes my life has taken. I’m re-doing May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein

My head space and understanding is so different from where I was two years ago. I realized this morning that I am truly happy right where I am at this present moment. That’s a good thing.

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