January 2

January 2

Well it’s back to the normal everyday routine. The holidays are over. They went fast this year. Actually the year went fast. 2019 is officially the new calendar year. Do you feel any different? I didn’t think so.

I was back in the pool first thing this morning. It isn’t too cold in New York so getting out of the pool wasn’t too bad. Felt good to be back in the water.

Today we have to cook. Since going back to a plant-based diet, food has to be prepared so I have it readily available. We are making my favorite corn chowder soup and a broccoli and potatoes soup. I’m also going to make a black bean and avocado salad. Although I’ve put on weight switching back to a vegan diet, I’m happy I did. I will have a whole blog another day about that.

I’m hoping everyone has a wonderful day back into their normal routines. 2020 is only 363 days away.

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