Gaining weight Keto to Plant Based

Gaining weight Keto to Plant Based

I guess it was inevitable that once you put the carbs back the weight comes back as well. It didn’t take long and was actually a little alarming. At first I gained ever pound I lost within a week. That was disheartening but then it leveled off and I took off a couple of pounds. I’m still up five pounds but so be it.

Why I changed? At first Keto was yummy. When you haven’t eaten cheese and butter for over a year, eating new foods is fun. I have had animal proteins at points so that wasn’t new but the quantity and frequency of it was. The problem was I eventually got sick of those proteins. I hated all that butter. I preferred things without cheese. However my real issue was trying to get in the correct amount of fat. After a while it became nauseating. After the first few weeks I wasn’t loosing any weight and I was having issues going tp the bathroom. What was the point? I missed my fruits and a variety of vegetables. I missed having a piece of bread. Keto wasn’t going to be my answer.

It was time I came to terms with the couple of extra pounds that I started to gain when I was plant based which is the real reason why I started to change my diet to begin with. The extra weight I put on in one year that totaled 10 lbs. Well it’s still there and it’s time I just accept that. I eat healthier and I work out 5 days a week. I still do intermittent fasting everyday. I’m doing all the right things. I have to accept that I just don’t move as much as I use to which is because of my multiple sclerosis. I am doing all the right things. It is time to cut myself some slack and accept where I am.

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