How you perceive your world

How you perceive your world

The phone rang at 2:00 am this morning. My phone announces the caller and when it said it said Mikayla, my daughter, my heart stopped. I couldn’t reach my house phone from my bed but I had my cell near and quickly called her. A girl hysterically crying answered the phone, my daughter was not physically hurt but mentally a mess.

She’s been having issues with two different groups of friends at school completely unrelated to each other. One set are her roommates and the other her fraternity sisters. It just seems that everything happens at the same time. The roommate situation is bad and I even had to get involved in that one because these girls are out of control. However the fraternity sisters was more unexpected and shocking that really hurt her to the core. That was what prompted the 2am phone call and it was totally warranted.

My poor girl. I just don’t have words. I hate hearing my daughter hurting. Nothing breaks my heart more. However I try to help her spin things in the positive direction she is still a person who sees things in the negative light.

It takes a lot of time and a strong willingness to change the way you perceive your world but I’m her living proof it works. She just doesn’t know how to start. I told her to start with a simple mantra; friends are easy and abundant. Something I’ve used in variations for numerous things like money is easy and abundant, weight loss is easy and abundant or happiness is easy and abundant. It is used in the beginning almost sarcastically until you start to believe things can change. It’s the old saying, fake it til you make it. It takes strength to change your thoughts to a positive outlook it doesn’t happen overnight but I promise if you do the work, you will have a better life.

I’ve been trying to teach this to my daughter for a long time. My sister tried to teach me for a long time before I was finally ready to make that change. Hopefully one day she will stop being the victim of her story and be thankful for these hurts that changed her life path. The universe cleared away a person who was masquerading as a true friend that obviously wasn’t. True friends don’t hurt their friends like that. It was a blessing not a negative. That is how it is spun to see the positive and this was a positive. Hopefully after the sadness disappears my little girl can see that.

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  1. Jamie, your daughter is so lucky to have a mom like you. I’m sorry she was so upset, but so glad that she can go to you. What you said makes absolute sense, I’ll try and put that into place too!

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