A week after Rituxan infusion

A week after Rituxan infusion

Good morning happy Monday. I thought I’d give you the rundown of how I feel a week later after my Rituxan infusion. I’m happy to say the allergic reaction is healing and I’ve had no more blisters or open sores. Very bizarre. I’m still on the antibiotic and I have two more days left. I’m glad to say I am out of the chance of infection and I’m not gonna get cellulitis. All good news.

I worked out yesterday for the first time in a week and it was hard. I only did a half hour of my Zumba workout and as I expected I was pretty shot for the day. Normally I would do 45 minutes maybe an hour. I’d still be shot for the day but not as severely. I was in my wheelchair all day yesterday as opposed to maybe going in it by the end of the evening.

Today I went in the pool. That was rough. I managed to swim for just about 30 minutes and getting me out of the pool was extremely difficult. The thought of swimming a mile like I did not even two weeks ago would never of happened. I would not of had the stamina to last any longer than I lasted. My energy level is completely depleted still which is not surprising after the infusion yet I was hoping I’d be doing a little better by this week.

I’m trying to put myself back in a normal schedule this week so we’ll see how that y goes. Right now I’m fresh out of the shower and completely drained. So glad I dictate my blog because I have no idea how I could write it otherwise. Have a great week.

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