Do you want to change your thoughts?

Do you want to change your thoughts?

I got sleep last night, very much needed. I wish I could stop feeling so tired. I had a really nice day yesterday because my little sister was in from California and spent the afternoon with me. She’s so beautiful inside and out and spending time with her just makes me so happy. I love how we could talk about everything and anything and conversation just flows. Coming off of my upsetting night with my daughter How you perceive your world it was nice to have my sister there.

She, like me and my older sister are more on the spiritual level. My sister being the most advanced, I may be second and she is has been on her journey to change her outlook on the world and her life. It is amazing to watch someone else’s growth through their own transformation. We are all in three different stages but can all completely relate to each other’s place.

It is tough to change the mindset that you have had for the majority of your life. To look at yourself and not only see your flaws but forgive them and move forward. To forgive those who have hurt you is actually easier than forgiving yourself. It is something I still work on everyday. It is never ending.

My spiritual journey started after a split from my ex boyfriend whom I had a very volatile relationship with but whom I loved a lot. He was my rock bottom. I was able to forgive him in a relatively short time. It was forgiving myself for staying way past the expiration date and causing the pain I caused myself that took a long time. It still sometimes comes back and haunts me, I’ve just learned how to stay out of those negative thought cycles and change my thinking.

It is a discipline and a practice that is done every day. I am human and I have days where I’m just pissy and negative but those days are few and far between. I’m mostly happy and have a smile on my face. I’m happy with my life but mostly I’m happy with me. A spiritual journey isn’t an overnight change it takes time, practice and patience. You are trying to change thoughts and the way you think for probably the majority of your life. So if you ever want to change and don’t know how, contact me, if love to help you learn to lead a happier life. It is possible to do it just takes you.

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