Game day at the condo

Game day at the condo

Yesterday I had my first game day with the other retired people in my condo. For some reason it ended up only being 5 of us. We played a card game called Mille Bornes. It was fun you try to travel a 1000 miles but people can give you stop cards or accidents and other things that stop your ability to move until you pick the correct card to get out of the incident. I did not win but I had a lot of laughs playing.

Next we played the dice game Left, Center, Right. That is the game you all start with the same amount of money or chips and you roll the dice and give the money away according to the dice directions. Either it goes to the person on the left, the pot in the center , the person on the right or nobody. The last person with money wins the center pot. Now here is the funny part, the last time I played this game was during an all girls trip to Pennsylvania about 10 years ago. To say that there was some alcohol involved would be a understatement. I believe we polished off numerous bottles, with a very big plural S. We played with dollar bills and the pot was for at least $30 a game. Luckily the game was simple because we were all still able to follow the rules but I know that there were many dice fumbles, drink fumbles and an extreme amount of laughter. Yesterday we played with pennies. A very far cry from the last time I played but I still had laughs.

Today is mahjong which I’m excited about haven’t played in a few weeks. Not sure if my body will hold up for 3+ hours of the game but I’m going to do the best I can and leave of I get too tired. Yesterday I played for 2 hours and I was tired so I’ll just have to see how it goes. It is Thursday already. This week is flying by.

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