Thankfully past thanksgiving

Thankfully past thanksgiving

I’m sitting in my sister’s living room contemplating what I wanted to say this morning. I wanted to show a picture of her beautiful backyard and maybe say some of the difficulties and things that worked being in my wheelchair for the first time at her place. I rolled over to take this beautiful backyard picture

and when I turned to the front of the house I saw this

Wild Turkeys just walking down her adjacent neighbors driveway into her front yard. There must have been like 50 of them. Now that is something you don’t see living by the water where I live. They just meandered on past the front door and are now in her backyard.

That was more fun to watch and take pictures of than any blog I was going to write about MS issues. Thankfully we’ve past thanksgiving and all the turkeys are free. The beauties of nature. I was so happy I was up early to see this.

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