Once again joined WW, formally known as weight watchers

Once again joined WW, formally known as weight watchers

Wow I can’t believe in 10 days another year begins. 2020!! I guess it has to be easier than writing 2019. I do better with even numbers and even better when my 22 is in a number I’m writing. New Years resolutions, I don’t do them because I don’t need a specific day of the year to start something to make a change of habit. If I want something to change it isn’t the date that is going to make me stick to changing. I joined WW, formally weight watchers, December 16th. Right before the holidays and before my vacation. Everyone said I was crazy but they had a good deal that was expiring so why was I going to wait. I needed to change something more sustainable that I can eat a more vegan lifestyle but still have options. When it comes to dieting, I’m the kind of person that does better on a regimen and a plan then freestyle. 

I’ve done every diet in the books but always come back to WW. It is just the most flexible diet for eating in the world that we live in. This time I just did it a little different. I’m a lifetime member but I’m over my goal weight so I have to pay until I get down there again.  The plan I joined was for the digital and personal coaching. I never did the personal coaching because truthfully, it was expensive. The deal that I got was 40% off plus an additional 10% off that expired that day. It ended up costing me $40 for the month. Then if I extend for additional months it will be $55. That’s a little high so I might only do it for a month or so after that before I even make that choice or decision I’m gonna first go through this month.

I had my first call today with the coach that I personally picked . I could’ve picked from at least 50 to 60 different people and I went with my gut feeling of who I wanted. Actually, there was somebody I actually wanted first but she had very little openings, so this person was actually my second choice. But guess what, she lives close, right here on Long Island about 30 minutes from me. That’s crazy when these personal coaches you’re picking from are located all over the USA. She was very nice has lost over 95 pounds from being on weight watchers. I explained to her that my issue isn’t going to be snacking when I shouldn’t, not tracking my foods, not exercising, I do all that. I hold myself accountable more than any coach will. What I need is that person in my corner when once again I not only don’t lose weight but I gain weight. It gets beyond frustrating working so hard, paying attention to everything you’re doing and seeing no results week in and week out and averaging a weight gain. I explained to the coach that’s where I really need you. She asked me my age and said it is probably a very big combination of perimenopause, my disability, and my medicines. She explained to me when she hit menopause she put on almost 20 pounds of the 95 pounds she took off and like me, she was distraught. However, she let me know the weight came off as well.

So, no New Year’s let resolution here. Yet that doesn’t mean I’m not starting my changes. It’s not that I don’t lead a healthy lifestyle and make healthy choices it’s just that I started floundering between different types of diets. When I decided to stop being vegan and add more protein into my daily consumption, what started out as a little fish a couple of days a week ended me on keto eating bacon. I was still eating very few calories but it was more because I hated the food I was eating. Right now I need to balance my life again with a diet that is more sustainable. Somewhere I completely lost that and that is why i needed to join WW. Now it’s a matter of getting myself re-organized to eat how I actually like to eat and on a diet plan that works those foods in. It’s also a matter of making sure I eat enough calories in a given day which I certainly have not been doing. I might lose weight I might not. I just needed this for me. 

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