Spreading holiday joy

Spreading holiday joy

I went around my building yesterday spreading Holiday Joy. Every year I buy Mrs Prindable apples to give as gifts for the holiday season.

This year I decided to give them to my friends in my building and some other people that are around me. I had my gifts for the people that work in the condo, my apples, my mask and out I went to spread joy. I didn’t call ahead to say I’d be coming so I was able to somewhat surprise each of my friends. Not only was it nice to see everyone, if only for an instant, it was nice to see them surprised by the small gift. These are the people I played games with every Wednesday afternoon before Covid. I miss laughing with the group. Although we all keep in touch by phone, it isn’t the same. These are also the people that have checked on my during this crazy time to see if I needed anything from a store or something when they’d venture out. They also have come to hang with me in my apartment keeping this new quarantined life bearable. It was nice to give a little token back to say I was thinking of them for the holidays.

It felt good to spread joy. I was happy to be able to give the people who have worked in the building a gift of thanks because they definitely take care of me and they are so appreciated. I wish more often we can let people know they are appreciated. However yesterday I was at least able to spread some joy.

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