My aide is back and helpful tips from my Aunt

My aide is back and helpful tips from my Aunt

Hello again, it is once again Monday. I’m very happy to say my aide will be here today. Unfortunately, it will take me some time to recover from the last week doing it mostly alone. Even having food prepared and only doing what I absolutely had to do, it was a rough week. There is a reason I have an aide. I sometimes feel like it is really just to babysit me but truth is the amount of energy it takes to do the simplest task becomes exhausting when you have to do all the simple tasks for the day. I’m relieved she’s going to be here. I was disgusted with her agency. The last time I spoke to then was that Tuesday. I was ok without an aid for a few days, not 5. It was ME who need to call THEM on Friday to even find out if she’d be here today. Terrible…

On another note, thank you to my Aunt who always comments on my blog with good suggestions. She recommended knee socks to wear with my new nightgown after I wrote this blog 80’s item to solve current day MS issue. I did already purchase the leg warmers but I did uncover some knee socks in my draw that worked well too. She also suggested sucking candies based on this blog Let’s talk medication side effects. This was about how my medications dry out my mouth. I remember in her house she always had a jar with jolly ranchers, a candy that lasted a long time. I didn’t want to consume that much sugar so I wondered if there was a sugar free version. Of course there was and I purchased them on Amazon.

I got 12 bags for $20. Just like their sugar counterparts they last forever and just like my Aunt said, they really helped. I actually just received an alert that today is my cousins birthday, my Aunts daughter, so I’ll even add a very happy birthday to her. My cousin is one of the nicest, caring and most beautiful person I know.

It is officially 10 days until this year comes to an end. I think most people are ready to say goodbye to 2020. For me, I’m just happy to get through today.

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