My review of the massage gun

My review of the massage gun

I have to talk about my purchase of the massage gun. A massage gun for spasticity. I wanted one for some time but kept putting it off. They weren’t cheap. I kept thinking is they’d be like those massagers you got at drugstore that you used for a week and never used it again. These are NOT the ones sold at the drugstore. I learned that really fast.

First thing these are super powerful. I have not had the power level above 5 and it goes to 30. The first day I used it I hit on those painful spots that have been bothering me for days. I kept the gun on each of these spots for 15+ minutes. The next day I was sore. Not spasticity sore, aches sore. I realized, after finally reading the instructions, you are only supposed to hit an area for a couple of minutes. The vibrations penetrate deep into the tissue. Once I figured this out and the soreness went away, it’s been great.

I use it everyday. I start by waking up my muscles before I workout. I use it constantly on my neck and upper back. I haven’t had my severe spasticity all week. Considering that’s what finally prompted me to purchase the gun that’s saying something. I’ve been using on my left shoulder and peck to help release the muscles that seem to get locked in place. I’m using it on my hip joints as well to hopefully try to get more mobility from them. I love that it’s cordless. I love that I can hold it, although it is heavy. I love that it is loosening my muscles.

Bottom line: this was a great buy. The one I got wasn’t even the priciest one and works great. I highly recommend.

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