Not exactly a snowstorm

Not exactly a snowstorm

An uneventful snowfall, as they said it would be, for my area. Not the blanket I was hoping to wake up to but pretty I guess.

I was watching this car for a bit as it’s tires kept spinning. He was unable to find traction to get out of the lot. o

I learned the hard way that the same traction need holds true for wheelchairs. Any snow or worse ice and my wheelchair can easily get stuck. A patch of ice almost took me out one year.

Snow and ice is bad for the handicap van too. The first year I had it I opened the ramp onto a curb that had snow. I didn’t think anything of it because the sidewalk was fine for me i the chair. However the snow got stuck on the underside of the ramp when it reversed in. As it melted it shorted the functionality of the ramp itself. It was a fast lesson snow ramp=bad.

Thankfully I wasn’t going anywhere anyway which is why I was welcoming the big snow storm. This will only create a slushy mess and disappear within a few days. Oh well. I’ll just have to ask my daughter for pictures. She is 3 hours away at school and she’ll probably see a foot of snow.

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