Mid week review

Mid week review

Well the major snowstorm that is going to pound the northeast is going to leave significantly less on part of Long Island. I’m located in that part. We should only see 3-5 inches by the end. We will get the sleet mixed with rain making for a more snowy mess than a beautiful snowy blanket. Oh well.

I still haven’t had my aide so it’s been just me holding my own. I’m doing ok. I of course haven’t been able to do laundry or clean much but I am trying to keep things neat. Thanks to my dad and stepmom I’ve had my Sakara food being delivered so meals hasn’t been an issue. My garbage was getting full and that needed to be taken out. Thankfully my super came up to replace a halogen bulb in one of my sconces and he took the garbage with him. That was a big help. My counter could be cleaner, I have some dishes in the sink and my blanket and couch pillows are in disarray but it could have been worse. I have had people checking on me as well as my physical therapist for two of these three days. Hopefully my aide is back tomorrow. Now that our snow forecast is significantly less the weather shouldn’t be a problem. I did by accident drive into my glass dinning room table moving that almost back to the far wall. I have to fix that when someone comes. That is not a light table.

I now have about an hour before my physical therapist comes. I want to try something new today that I hope he will do with me. They are floor exercises from the MS gym program I am doing. I can’t do anything on the floor by myself. Wish me luck. Happy Wednesday.

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