Dedicated to Boomer

Dedicated to Boomer

I am dedicating today’s blog to the first dog I had the privilege of bringing into my home. Tomorrow on Christmas Day marks four years since he has passed. My Boomer was my everything and I was heartbroken when he passed. A piece of my heart is still missing. I love actually adore all my dogs but Boomer was special. I never experienced that kind of sadness until he passed. I can still get choked up about it to this day.

Why Boomer? He was just a puppy when I was divorcing my husband. He was still sleeping in a crate, wasn’t even 6 months old when it started. I remember calling the local Long Island Bulldog Rescue group crying my eyes out because I thought I was going to have to surrender him when I had to move. Thankfully I found a place that accepted dogs. By the time my house sold and I finally moved, Boomer was just shy of a year and started sleeping in the king size bed with me. In a dark period, I had my daughter and I had Boomer.

I took him everywhere in the beginning. Even as he grew to 70lbs. Everyone in my neighborhood knew him. He was just a great dog. He was affectionate and sweet and so easygoing just like me. He was the perfect dog. He was also a big couch potato and sometimes wouldn’t even get up to greet me when I would come home from work. He’d open his eyes and realize who it was and couldn’t be bothered to move. Then he’d be scared on the 4th of July and cower his 70lb body in your lap. He’d get up on our kitchen chairs as if to join us for dinner and if offered a treat, he’d give paw, sit, down running through every command until the treat was given. He without fail would always move himself into my spot on the bed when I’d get up to relieve myself and I’d be rolling him over to move him away. I cried many tears on his fur over 11 years and he always sat there and let me. That is why Boomer.

I will always have dogs thanks to first having Boomer but I will never have another dog like Boomer. I love and miss desperately my boy Marshmallow who died on Mother’s Day but for so many different reasons. I love my Zoey and Minx, they add so much joy to my life. I’m sure I will grieve and love many dogs over my lifetime but none will be Boomer. He forever has that piece of my heart that will never be replaced. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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