Getting my 1st Covid vaccine dose

Getting my 1st Covid vaccine dose

If you would believe I’m strapped in to the back seat of my van on my way to get a Covid vaccination. My stepdad is driving, mom in the front and I’m bouncing around in the back. My van doesn’t have the greatest suspension so it isn’t the smoothest ride inb

I can’t tell you how I got this appointment. My mom has been crazy ever since the vaccines became available. She became more so when she became eligible to receive the dosage and I still wasn’t. They have numerous friends who kept telling them to that their daughter or granddaughter received the vaccine with this medical condition or that condition and that only made mom more crazed. I can’t tell you how many times I had to do one of NYS are you eligible websites because she wouldn’t believe me.

It helps to know the right people. One of her friends is married to a big time doctor. I don’t know all the details but somehow he got me an appointment and an ID to receive the vaccination today. At least dose one of the vaccine. Unfortunately, the morning has been extremely hectic as the email with my ID never came. Somehow her friend was able to get the information. I was picked up immediately for my 11;45 appointment.

I, personally, was fine waiting to get the vaccine but my mom needed the peace of mind. The craziness of the morning has only increased my level of anxiety. My MS symptoms are not well and I have a long day still ahead of me. In two weeks I’ll be back for the second dose and I guess I’ll be more relieved at that point. Right now I’m more concerned with everything else I need to do today.

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