Urinary Incontinence showing it’s ugly symptoms

Urinary Incontinence showing it’s ugly symptoms

You know those days where everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. That was my yesterday. It started with me knocking into my mailbox that consists of all little Knick knacks I need to be able to access quickly plus some mail. All those little things Minx loves to try to grab and run away with. Plus so many of the items are small and so hard for me to reach from my wheelchair. Ugh a very annoying thing to knock over. I got it cleaned up only to send one of the dogs food bowls flying after the food was prepared. They eat this reconstituted dehydrated food that is a thick soup consistency, that was a mess. They cleaned the floor but I had to deal with the countertop, cabinets and refrigerator. As if that wasn’t enough, I sent my 72ounce water cup airborne while I was exercising. Of course it was just filled, it was the morning after all. Water spilled all over the floor with all the ice cubes as well. It wasn’t even 10am.

Somehow I managed through all that but I was definitely drained. I did a lousy workout because I had physical therapy and I was so behind already. I did walk during PT. Wasn’t my longest walk but wasn’t my shortest either. I was very tired though when I got back to the condo.

On a completely separate topic, I need to discuss changing Toviaz with my doctor. It has not been holding me lately and seems to be getting worse. I originally asked him about taking 2 a day when I saw him last but you can’t with Toviaz. He asked if I wanted to try something new and I declined at the time. However, it seems I went from not great to horrible overnight. I use to have warning when I needed to use the bathroom and had got there most of the time. Now I get the sensation and I can’t get there. It has been frustrating to say the least. Thankfully I wear pads but they aren’t perfect by any means. It is definitely an issue I need to deal with.

Part of the problem is the water pills for the edema. I hate those water pills with a passion. I finally got the compression socks. Even though they are ugly, if I could reduce taking the water pills to 2 times a week that would be HUGE. The first pair I bought were not successful so I’m hoping that the new pair will be. I had a prescription at one point but I don’t know what happened to it. I can ask my doctor for a new one if this doesn’t work out.

Otherwise it’s hump day. I’m getting carpet in my bedroom today so I actually have a busy day. I’m looking forward to the new change. I knows it’s gonna make such a difference. I think I’m gonna need a new comforter. There is nothing more that I love to get new comforters. Have a happy day

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