Kesimpta was approved

Kesimpta was approved

I broke my glass coffee pot this weekend. This seems to happen every two years if not yearly. I do have to say the last time I wasn’t the one who broke it but I shouldn’t brag because I’m pretty sure every other time it was me. I don’t buy expensive coffee pots for this precise reason but I really hated my last purchase. I always put cinnamon in my coffee grinds and this basket constantly caused the caused the coffee to over fill making a mess. I had to put the cinnamon in the pot and it isn’t the same. Regardless, I finally bought one with a thermal mug instead of glass. I should have done this a long time ago but I was being cheap, I guess. Turns out paying $20 yearly is starting to be more expensive than the $45 for the thermos coffee maker I probably won’t break. A shrewd shopper I am not always. The only thing I need from a coffee pot now it’s some thing with an auto shut off. I don’t need to program coffee anymore like I used to. So I got one from Amazon and it will be here on Wednesday. In the meantime I’m gonna need coffee for tomorrow and Wednesday morning. That’s easy, I’ll have my daughter pick up some McDonald’s coffee through the drive-through and I’ll leave it in my refrigerator. I’m still drinking iced coffee most days.

On another note, Kesimpta was approved. That was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I have a video conference with my doctor in the beginning of September to go over how I will do the initial dose and then it’s all me monthly. No more 6 hour infusions. No more steroids. I think that I’m most happy about the steroid part. My main concern is the side effects. After the infusion, I’m wiped out for a few weeks. Nor a big deal when it’s only once every 6 months. If I’m wiped out for a week after doing a monthly shot, that’s an issue. I’m banking on the steroids and high dose medication playing a big part of the exhaustion that follows the infusion. Kesimpta is the same type of drug as Rituxan and Ocrevus just delivered different. I’m optimistic that I won’t have side effects that wipe me out for days on end because that would then be pointless on a monthly basis. I won’t know anything more until September. Although the thought of not searching for a vein for an IV anymore does bring a total sense of relief

I hope you had a lovely wedding and are staying cool in this heat. Here’s to a wonderful week ahead.

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