Friday is here again

Friday is here again

I am playing mahjong today for the first time since the coronavirus. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to play but I am hoping I can sit for 2 hours at least. Unfortunately my wheelchair cripples me more than I’m already crippled. It’s the muscles in my core (a reader of my blog explained this to me). I’m reclined in my comfy chair, not putting strain on my muscles. In the wheelchair, I am sitting up. There is pressure is on my core to hold me up regardless if I’m leaning back. Especially during a game of mahjong where I am constantly leaning forward and back. For me it is a core workout. I’ll do my best. I can only try. However I’m hopeful that it works out well because I really do love playing. At least today I’m in my building playing with a few of my friends here. I can always go upstairs if it’s too much.

It’s Friday again. I know my stepdad will be here this weekend, which is always nice. My daughter is going away for the night. I don’t complain when it is me and my puppies. I cherish the quiet. Plus it’s Formula 1 this weekend at Silverstone, one of my favorite tracks. Montecarlo is my absolute favorite but there is something about when they race at Silverstone that it is always exciting.

I have to admit I am avoiding the heat and humidity of the outdoors as much as I can. It has been humid but I’ve been doing ok indoors. I’ve had a couple of bad days but thankfully it hasn’t lead to fatigue just some walking difficulties. Even that was mostly that I couldn’t walk as far as I wanted to with my PT type issues. I still haven’t been able to walk the two full hallways yet. Actually the last few times I had to cut the walks a little short because I just didn’t have it in me. They were both high humidity days. Even with AC cranking it makes a difference in my body. However, my determination hasn’t changed and I keep plugging away.

Well I’m off to throw some tiles and maybe win a hand or two in mahjong. I hope I remember how to play still. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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