Zoey has a luxating patella

Zoey has a luxating patella

I love my dogs. Just in case you didn’t know that.

I really can’t imagine life without my pets. Losing one is heartbreaking and the pain is very really. However, the joy they bring to my world everyday is immeasurable. I try to give them the happiest life in return.

That being said my Zoey has been suffering from a luxating patella. Her knee cap moves out of place. Unfortunately., this isn’t uncommon in French Bulldogs. We have been able to manage it without issue for the last few years with Dasuquin which is now not working. I’ve seen my vet three times in the last few months. We’ve given her anti-inflammatory pills, laser treatments and massages but it hasn’t eased her symptom. She can sometimes put weight on the leg. She still is running, playing and jumping. However, every day she is also hopping around without putting down that one paw. Especially when she first gets up from the bed or couch. It is so upsetting.

There is a surgery but my vet doesn’t even recommend that. She is still getting around without any problems. The biggest thing is she doesn’t seem to be in any pain. When you massage her leg she doesn’t wince, cry or pull away. She actually enjoys being rubbed on the knee. At the last vet appointment, we found that the inflammation was down but the knee hasn’t locked back into place. It is so sad watching her hop around. I want to fix it for her like I would want to fix my kids problem.

Of course it is recommended to stop her from moving more than necessary. That’s like stopping a 2 year old from running around a candy store. I can’t stop her from jumping or running we especially with her brother around. Plus if they hear people in the hallway outside my condo they both jump down and run to the door. I also live by the elevator which makes a bell sound when it opens. If my tv isn’t on, they are off to the door. I couldn’t stop her if I tried. My step sister recommended a new product that she used on her dog with the same problem. I am replacing the Dasuquin with Nupro joint supplement and hoping for the best.

One day at a time. My beautiful Zoey. I just want her to be ok.

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